Why rent with us?

We believe transparency and communication are key to good client relationships
At Harwood Property Agents, we’re experts in matching people with fantastic rental properties while ensuring all maintenance and required standards of living are maintained to the highest quality.
We set our rental rates according to the latest market prices to ensure great rates are achieved.
At Harwood Property Agents, we are focused on relationships, retaining quality tenants and ensuring that each property is maintained to the highest standard. Our team provides efficient and honest communication and will ensure you are always kept informed.
Our landlords and tenants also have 24/7 access to our online portal so they can conveniently access information regarding rental payments, maintenance updates, upcoming inspection dates and more.

What it all boils down to is care.
We care about our clients and their homes. We understand the importance of finding the right match. Which is why many of our landlords are previous vendors who we know personally, along with their properties.

As a boutique agency, we can confidently say that we care about our clients and their homes. Our team understands that each property is a huge asset and must be managed attentively to ensure that its value strengthens overtime.

Harwood Property Agents will protect your investment and ensure that the property is properly looked after with minimal wear and tear.

Our clients enjoy a stress-free investment and rest assured knowing their property is looked after through constant feedback and reporting provided throughout the process.

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