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The decision to sell your house isn’t always easy – experience counts

Our senior team has their finger on the pulse of the latest property trends, insights and regulations to help you make an informed decision that’s best for you.

They say you can’t buy experience but in actual fact you can: ours.

It pays to be prepared when selling your house or investment property. Check out how the team at Harwood Property Agents works with you to be market ready.

Styling to sell: Presentation and preparation
A lot can be said for the feeling potential buyers get when they see your home the first time. First impressions count.

Small changes can make a big difference when the hammer falls on auction day or when you open your house for inspection for the first time. Ensure your property is neat, tidy and clean before putting it on the market. Giving your home a big tidy up, inside and out, will go a long way to enticing potential buyers.

As the garden is often the first thing buyers see – and sometimes the only thing they see if they’re driving by – pay it just as much attention as the interior of the home.

Decluttering the home, or even having it professionally styled, will significantly enhance its appeal, particularly as people’s tastes can differ greatly.

Need to know how to maximise your renovations and home maintenance for future profit? The team at Harwood Property Agents partner with reputable service providers who get real results.

Premium marketing and streamlined campaigns
Marketing is crucial to getting the best result for your property.

As experts in property sales and marketing, we know the most effective and affordable ways to market your property.

Our database of local buyers and investors ensures we connect projects to buyers to get the best results. We unlock success for our clients through our expertise in creative strategy, design and production.

From ensuring your property has full coverage across digital platforms such as social media and property listing sites, to creating eye-catching print media placements, we work with you to make sure your property stands out, gets noticed and gets sold!

A picture says a thousand words
With the increased numbers of buyers finding properties through online search, it’s critical that your property is presented well in the photos attached to the listing.

Photography attracts buyers to view your property and a bad photo can deter potential buyers and drive your price down.

Invest in professional photography and create online appeal that increases likely buyer numbers to visit the open house for inspection. At Harwood Property Agents we work exclusively with Sydney’s best photographers and videographers to maximise the value of the properties we list.

Open for inspection and auction day
Set the temperature in advance: for hot or cold days, ensure your cooling or heating is on for at least half an hour before the open house starts, not from the moment it starts.

Switch all the lights on to avoid any dark corners. Keep all the blinds open and don’t try to hide anything. In addition to the way the property looks, it also pays to consider how it smells. We recommend our clients have fresh flower arrangements, scented candles or coffee brewing so there’s a nice aroma as people walk around the house.

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Just like any important life event – you want to make sure that your property is presented to the market in the best light.

Try to remember how you felt purchasing your home; what did you look for and what did you expect?

It’s imperative that you invest in the presentation of your biggest asset.

This is your chance to sell for profit
The long-term value that you have earned belongs to you. Before you pass your property on to the next purchaser, now is your opportunity to make as much profit as you can, especially as this profit will be tax-free.

Harwood Property Agents are pleased to share the tips and tricks, expert advice and property preparation checklists contained in our resource below.

We aim to inform you on how to maintain your home, nurture your asset and ensure its growth and value throughout its lifetime.

Presenting Your Home For Maximum Return.

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