Selling tips

Thinking of selling? Here are some top tips for getting to on the market with ease.

Research your local property market

A good real estate agent will be able to provide you with an appraisal of your home, details of recent sales in your area and average time on market, as well as insights into local buyers and what they are currently looking for.

You can also do some research yourself – have a look at what’s currently listed on websites like and These websites also provide details of recent property sales.

Visit local open homes and auctions to get a better insight into what’s on the market and how different agents market local properties.

Select an agent

A lot of property owners speak to more than one agent, we expect it! Have a prepared list of questions so you can compare agents one another and make a choice you are comfortable with that will also deliver the best return on your property investment.

Other than their marketing costs and fees, make sure you get details of your agent’s personal track record in your suburb, including details of their most recent personal sales, how they negotiated the final price, what suburbs they focus on and how long they have been working in the local area.

Select a Conveyancer or Solicitor

When you sell your property, you must have contract of sale drawn up to be legally allowed to market your home. Conveyancers only deal in property law, whilst solicitors deal with all law practices. Most conveyancers and solicitors will give you their charges over the phone.

Contact you Finance Broker

You need to speak to your mortgage provider or institution prior to selling your home to find out the costs associated with discharging your mortgage, and re-establishment of your new loan, if applicable.

Make your home look its best

When selling your home, home presentation can make a big difference. As well as basics like making sure the house is neat and tidy, a quality agent will be able to give you tips on styling and any repairs that should be made prior to going to market.

They will also be able to help you understand local buyers and what they will be looking for when they step in your front door. Not all renovations and decorations provide a return on investment, so talk to your agent about what your house needs.

Marketing your home

Buyers often fall into the trap of choosing the most basic property marketing campaigns, but they don’t always deliver good results.

Not all property marketing is the same and better quality campaigns usually attract more buyers. A good agent will talk to you about a tailored campaign to suit your home.

Make sure you understand their marketing recommendations and the costs involved. Feel free to ask lots of questions, but also make sure you take their advice on board when it comes to deciding a marketing plan, going to auction and what price range to advertise.

Next steps?

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