Preparing Your Home for Sale

Of all the things to conider when selling your home, the condition of the property is most important.
Presenting a property to the market is crucial, and you only get once chance to make a first impressions. It is therefore imperative you take the following steps into account before placing your home on the market.
It is very importan that you now think like a buyer, your home is going to e on the market, an although those leopard print pillows are what you like on your lounge, its not always what buyers will like coming into the home.
There are 6 main concentration points to consider prior to selling, repairing, cleaning, neutralising, space managememt, atmosphere and staging.
Repairs: – If it needs repairing, fix it! Its now tie to stop putting off the things you have been thinking of doing, or living with and repair them for the sale. From my experience with purchasers they purchase a building and pest report prior to exchanging contracts, therefore it is imperative to be on top of most things as a purchaser may use problems to negotiate price or take longer on the market to sell their home.
Cleaning: – Every area of a home should sparkle and shine! Would you buy a stained shirt? A grubby car? It is important to clean all windows, stem clean carpet and rugs as well as polish all timbers. Also ceaning inside light fittings and ceiling fans.
Neutralising: – What does your home need to look like to allow a buyer to walk-in and start living? Be careful when allowing your taste in colour sceme take over, the home needs to be as liveable to as many people as possible. Two coats of white paint may be the best investment you ever make.
Space Management: – Arranging furniture to make a property look more spacious is the ideal outcome. Remove clutter or large furniture not needed, and store in the garage. Try to go the next 4 weeks living with the bear minmum.
Atmosphere: – Buyers need to feel welcoe the moment they open the door, creating a home which is safe and warm is the outcome. I have seen buyers walk away just over a smell of a property. Be mindful of odors from cooking, smoking nad pets. Use carpet deosditrises, air freshners, candles. My choice of aroma would be vanilla, this fragrance is comforting and warm with psycholgists and medical researchers who are aware of positive reactions due to the scent with positive hildhood associations amongst humand and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.
Staging:- This is where you can have some fun! Collect some property magazines, and look at how you can make each room of your house more attractive. Flowers, booklet on the coffee table open, recipe book in the kitchen. Using brght pillows can lift a sterile room. Even using as much natural light in rooms, and lamps can appeal to buyers. Nice art pieces on walls and removing of family photos on walls which can detract buyers from looking at the home. Pshcologically they want to see themselves living there, not someone else.